Vac Truck Services

Our vack truck provides numerous services such as:

  • Hydro-excavation

  • Plant & dentention maintenance

  • Soil removal

  • Drain and sewer cleaning

  • Catch Basins and ditch cleaning

  • Process Piping

  • Tree root removal

  • Concrete removal

  • Pipework de-scaling

  • Surface cleaning

  • Protruding lateral cutting

What is Hydro-Excavation?

This service is most often used when the depth, size or type of underground utility needs to be verified by a contractor. Potholing is also employed as a protective procedure to safely excavate holes for light pole or utility pole installations. The potholing service Pateco Services provides is a necessity in the metro-area Atlanta for new development and redevelopment projects in order to protect existing utilities.

Like most hydro-excavation methods, the process starts with a simple pot hole. With the high pressure water vacuum tube hovering above the designated surface area, the operator excavates straight down into the ground until the marked, known utility is located.

If the utility is not present, as-builts plans are usually consulted for accuracy. Historically, however, as-builts are not always reliable. In some instances, in fact, they prove to be useless. In this situation, the pot holing procedure gives way to window trenching. Window trenching give you a window into the ground across a certain span and to a certain depth to be able to see any utilities which pass through that span.

Our Utility Trenching excavates a narrow, precise slot trench to install pipes, cables, and other utilities underground. Typical processes of excavation include using heavy equipment and/or manual labor to dig the trenches. This poses many safety risks to workers  Standard excavation and hand digging is more time consuming and labor intensive. There is risk of damage to existing utilities. Hydro Vac Excavation reduces all of the risks involved in the job and cuts costs on digging and back filling.  Hydro excavation makes trenching fast, safe and less intrusive. Hydro Excavation is also very environmentally friendly. Pateco Services makes quick work of the difficult trenches.


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