Jetting Service

In Jetting, an engine (or another power source) powers a high-pressure water pump that builds up within the containment unit, effectively pressurizing the water. All high-pressure jetting units are rated by Pressure (PSI) and Water Flow (GPM). Both PSI and GPM are direct results of the available engine’s horsepower. 

Angles of the water stream can be varied; water streams directed more toward the pipe wall surfaces produce better cleaning results. However, this diminishes the pulling power of the nozzle. Water streams directed towards the center line of the pipe provide maximum pulling power but decreases pipe wall cleaning effectiveness.

A few advantages of our hydro-jetting services include:

  • Clearing pipe walls: Our powerful jetters do more than just push through the blockage. They clear the walls of your pipes too, freeing them of grease, detergents, mineral deposits, and other types of buildup that are extremely difficult to remove. If left unchecked, the buildup can damage your drains to the point where you’d need a drain repair in Atlanta, GA.

  • Removing large obstructions: Tree roots and other dangerous types of blockages are no match for our jetters. We can remove them before they cause severe damage to your lines.

  • Providing fast, effective solutions: Hydro-jetting is the fastest and most reliable way to remove almost any clog. Enjoy with confidence knowing we provide efficient drain services in Atlanta, GA that ensure your pipes are as clear as possible.



There are many reasons why we always perform a thorough inspection before every job. If you have old or fragile pipes, we will work with you to determine if hydro-jetting is the best drain repair option for your needs.


Our team will lay out all your options and give you the information you need to make the best decision for your home.